# 1059918

Cat-back 3” w/dual 2-1/2” tail pipes w/welded muffler


Application:  1986-1989 Camaro/Firebird w/305 F engine and one converter

                        1986 Camaro/Firebird w/305 G engine

                        1987-1989 Camaro/Firebird w/350 engine and one converter


Kit Includes:                                                     Kit Includes:

2)  2-1/2” clamps                                             1)  flanged front extension pipe

2)  3” clamps                                                    1)  rear over the axle pipe

                                                                        1)  left tail pipe

1)  right tail pipe

                                                                        1)  welded muffler #7468


DANGER WARNING:  Should the purchaser decide to install this exhaust product at home, be warned that pleasure car or light duty truck/van “bumper” jacks are intended for emergency use only.  The use of frame contact jack stands in conjunction with a floor jack as main support is highly recommended to minimize accidental dropping of a vehicle while the installation proceeds.  We recommend the use of a shop hoist if possible.  Please use caution!!


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                The foregoing statement limits the liability of the manufacturer.






1)  Support the vehicle in a safe manner using either a shop hoist or with frame supports.  The rear axle will need to hang free to allow clearance for the removal and installation of the over the axle pipe.  We also recommend lowering the driver’s side of the upper control arm to install this system.  This will require removal of the 3 metric bolts from the control arm to the frame, and removing two metric bolts from a heat shield.  You will need to reuse these bolts for reinstallation upon completion of installing this exhaust kit. 


2)  Remove the old exhaust system behind the converter at the flange, where the old system bolts to the converter.  You may need to cut the system in several pieces to remove it from the vehicle.  Make sure to leave the existing O.E. rubber hanger mounts on the vehicle.  Lower the driver’s side of the upper control arm at this time by removing the metric bolts of the upper control arm from the frame, and swing the upper control arm lower for temporary clearance.


3)  Install the flanged front extension pipe to the converter. Connect the old converter flange to the new flange using the O.E. bolts for each side of the flange.  Tighten the assembly slightly, but do not over tighten at this time.  It may be necessary to pivot the extension pipe to gain proper clearance.


4)  Install the rear over the axle pipe to the flanged front extension pipe using a 3” clamp.  We recommend making sure the upper control arm is lowered for clearance, the vehicle is lifted safely and the rear axle hangs free, and you install the rear over the axle pipe from the rear of the vehicle.  Connect the wire hanger on the rear over the axle pipe to the O.E. rubber hanger mount above the rear over the axle pipe.


5)  Install the muffler to the rear over the axle pipe using a 3” clamp.  Do not tighten at this time.  Note:  the inlet should lie nearest the rear of the vehicle, and the outlets nearest the front of the vehicle (the rear over the axle pipe will cross over the top of the right tail pipe).


6)  Install the right tail pipe to the muffler using a 2-1/2” clamp, pivot the tail pipe for proper exit. 


7)  Repeat step 5) for the left side.  Connect the hanger on the right tail pipe to the O.E. rubber hanger mount above.


8)  You may need to trim the tail pipes to length and style of desired exit. 


9)  Check for clearance of the frame and body, and of all brake and fuel lines.  When you are satisfied with how the system hangs, tighten all bolts and clamps.  Make sure to remember to reinstall the driver’s side portion of the upper control arm and the heat shield.